Enchanted by India

Namaste! My name is Marta, i'm 20 and i live in Poland. I'm a student of Indology, as you can see i'm totally enchanted by India! Feel free to reblog and message :)
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  • have you seen Kabhie Kushi Kabhie Gham? if not, then you should watch it. it's one of my favorite movies!!!!!

    Asked by pparbadia

    Of course I have! <3 I’ve seen it 5 times haha! :D everyone should watch it!

    which indian movie is your favorite?? Did you visit india anytime.? if yes how was your experience..?

    Asked by Anonymous

    There are sooo many Indian movies that i love, it’s just impossible to choose only one :D
    Definitely Devdas, DDLJ, Guru, Ramleela (ohhh <3), Mission kashmir (it all started from this movie :D), parineeta.. i could go on and on with titles.. haha

    Hey Wondering if you ever been to India

    Asked by Anonymous

    I have never been to India

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